Pieter (Jop) WOLTJER

PostDoc Economic History – Wageningen University



Dataset: U.S. Historical National Accounts, 1929-1947

ABSTRACT: The Great Depression is considered one of the darkest times for the US economy, but some argue that the US economy experienced strong productivity growth over the period. This dataset reassesses this performance using improved Continue reading “Dataset: U.S. Historical National Accounts, 1929-1947”

Article: The Yankees of Europe?

A New View on Technology and Productivity in German Manufacturing in the Early Twentieth Century

ABSTRACT: Labor productivity in German manufacturing lagged persistently behind the United States in the early twentieth century. Traditionally, this is attributed to dichotomous technology paths across the Atlantic. Continue reading “Article: The Yankees of Europe?”

Working Paper: An Economic Rationale for the African Scramble

The Commercial Transition and the Commodity Price Boom of 1845-1885

ABSTRACT: This is the first study to present a unified quantitative account of African commodity trade in the long 19th century from the zenith of the Atlantic slave trade (1790s) to the eve of World War II (1939). Drawing evidence from a new dataset Continue reading “Working Paper: An Economic Rationale for the African Scramble”

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