About Me

I am a researcher in the Wageningen Economic Research group at Wageningen University and Research. I studied economics at the University of Groningen , where I obtained my MSc in 2007 and my PhD in 2013. As an economist, I am interested in the underlying fundamentals of economic growth. The search for these drivers behind long-run growth have taken me from the study of productivity growth in the United States, the diffusion of technology in Europe, to the impact of international trade on development in Africa. My research focuses mostly on the twentieth century, but also expanded into the nineteenth and late eighteenth century.


About this Blog

The aim of this blog is to provide a central platform for my research. It provides abstracts and download links for all published articles and most working papers, as well as excerpts of columns published in general interest journals. In addition, I also publish the datasets, source descriptions and even the Stata and MatLab programs underlying my research on this blog. All of these resources are freely available as long as the work is properly cited.